Dollar Tree Snowflake Craft

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My Dollar Tree snowflake craft came about as I was meandering through the Dollar Tree Christmas section. I saw a shimmery snowflake ornament and thought it would be neat to use it for a Christmas craft instead of hanging it on the tree.

I also spotted the frame that I ended up using as part of the snowflake craft. It’s one of those unfinished wood frames that can be used for multiple craft ideas.

dollar tree snowflake craft

I like the way the two dollar items resulted into a three dimensional craft. The 3-D effect gives the snowflake craft a unique look.

Imagine this snowflake craft displayed after Christmas to decorate for the winter months, or as part of your Christmas decor if you use bright colors. What about placing the frame in a little girl’s bedroom for her own Christmas decor?



  • dollar tree wood craft frame
  • dollar tree snowflake ornament
  • white cardstock
  • pink cardstock
  • E6000 glue ~ not pictured
  • mod podge
  • foam brush
  • small tip paint brush
  • skinny tip scissors ~ for precision cutting
  • metallic paint
  • dot tool ~ I used the end of the paint brush
  • pencil
supplies needed for the dollar tree snowflake craft


1. Remove the back square from the frame. Hold the frame steady on the pink cardstock and use a pencil to mark the outer edges of the frame front. Keeping the frame steady, mark the inside square.

2. Use the scissors to cut out the outer markings first, then use the scissor tip to poke a hole into the marked square. Then cut an X from the center and start cutting. Be careful not to bend your cardstock.

Marking the cardstock for the craft

3. Take the wood square piece and mark on the white cardstock with a pencil. Cut out the square, making sure to curve the corners like the wood square.

4. Place the cut out white square inside the frame. If it’s not a perfect fit, just adjust the size with your scissors where needed.


paint supplies for the craft frame

Paint the outer and inner edges of the frame with metallic paint using the small tip paint brush. You’ll need two coats of paint on all edges.

The front of the frame doesn’t soak up the paint like the edges. That’s okay because you only need a hint of the color on the front edge just in case your pink cardstock isn’t perfect after cutting.

Completed Dollar Tree snowflake craft


Use the foam brush to spread an even coat of mod podge on top of the frame. Carefully place the pink card stock on top of the mod podge and adjust as needed by slightly sliding. Let dry completely.

Angled view of the Dollar Tree snowflake craft


Take the end of your small paint brush, dip in paint, then dot evenly around the frame. Dip the end of the brush in paint for each dot.

To get evenly spaced dots, you should dot the “peaks and valleys” on one half of the frame first. Dot the mid-point between the first dots, then continue dotting the rest of the mid-points. Now, dot the other half of the frame in the same manner.

After the dots have dried, put a spot of E-6000 on each of the 6 points of the snowflake. Press and let dry.

You have completed your Dollar Tree snowflake craft! Isn’t it dazzling? Will you display your snowflake craft during Christmas or for your winter decor?

graphic for pinning
pinterest graphic for Dollar Tree Snowflake Craft


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