Easy DIY Winter Wreath

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If you’re looking for a transitional wreath idea to use after Christmas and through the winter months, then my easy DIY winter wreath will provide you with the inspiration you need!

diy winter wreath hanging on door

I already had the plain pine wreath on hand, but I had to start from scratch for purchasing all the additions to complete my front door wreath.

I found a couple of pine and berry swags at Michael’s with winter frosting and flocking for the winter look I wanted, and the red berries would coordinate with my red chairs that stay year-round on my front porch.

Using swags, instead of tons of floral picks, made my wreath making quick and easy. I wired on the swags, cut and stuck in some frosty pine pieces, and bam, I was done!



  • plain pine wreath
  • 2 pine and berry swags
  • 2 frosty pine branches
  • wire snips
  • florist wire
plain pine wreath for the winter wreath project
Plain pine wreath ready for winter additions
two pine and berry branches to be used in the diy winter wreath
Pine and berry swags used in the winter wreath
frosty pine bush used in the diy winter wreath
Frosted pine branches (white stems were used in another wreath)


Separate the two rows of pine by pushing the inner pine towards the inside of wreath and the outer pine towards the outside of wreath.

Bend and curve the pine and berry swag to somewhat follow the wreath circle, but not perfect. Place the swag at the outer ring. See photo below.

instruction diagram for the front side of wreath

Clip a piece of florist wire.

Hold swag in place and flip the wreath over so you are looking at the back side and the swag is underneath.

Attach the swag to the wreath by wrapping wire around the swag as well as the outer ring. Pull the wire snug and twist a few times to secure. See photo below.

instruction diagram for attaching the swag

Flip wreath over so you are looking at the front side.

Clip a piece of florist wire.

Secure the swag with wire near the top this time. Don’t pull and attach too tight or the swag will look smushed.

Repeat the same instructions for the second pine and berry swag. View photo below to see how the branches need to butt up against one another.

how to join swags together on diy winter wreath

Snip off some frosty pine pieces at the base of each pine branch stem as seen in photo below.

Insert the frosted pine pieces in various areas to give a variegated greenery look.

using snips to cut frosty pine pieces

Now, you can stand back and admire your beautiful winter wreath!

Did my DIY winter wreath idea provide you with inspiration for your front door decorations?

graphic saying pin for later
pinterest graphic for the easy diy winter wreath


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4 thoughts on “Easy DIY Winter Wreath”

  1. I do like leaving a wreath up at least through January… We have one on our back fence, our front door (lighted) and on our two patio doors (kitchen and bedroom). They are festive without being over-the-top Christmas-y.

    Enjoy your beautiful wreath,
    Barb 🙂

    1. I wish I could enjoy my wreath more than I am…. the wind whips around so much in January and I end up having to bring it inside often. I need to secure it better! 🙂

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