Winter Tray Decor Ideas

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If you’re searching for winter tray decor ideas then you’re in the right place because I’ve joined a group of creative bloggers this month for a winter decorative tray blog tour!

Along with showing my own winter decorations, I’ve included 5 major tips on how to decorate a tray, many suggestions for where you can use a tray, and several home decor items that you can place on a your tray.

There are 24 of us that are sharing a variety of ideas for how to style decor trays for winter. You’ll find those 24 additional winter tray ideas at the end of this post. You’re sure to get tons of inspiration from that many winter wonderland themed ideas!


blue, gray and white decorative items displayed on a tray with winter theme

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Keep in mind the following 5 guidelines when planning your project, gathering decor items, and styling a tray vignette:


My first goal is to make my tray decorating be a budget-friendly decor project without sacrificing a quality look. I use what I already have on hand and/or items I purchase from thrift stores.

My thrift store tray is a heavy galvanized metal with a bamboo type bottom. I ended up painting just the edges gray where the fabric wouldn’t cover.

thrift tray before the makeover and winter styling


Plan a theme when decorating for the holidays whether it be a category or color theme.

For example, categories can be a nature theme with pinecones or deer, a Santa Claus or snowman theme, an elegant theme using Chinoisiere patterns, or it can be like today’s winter wonderland theme.

My decorative tray color theme include colors I think of most that reflect a winter vibe: white, silver, gray, and blue.

winter tray decor idea showing framed winter printable featured on the decorative tray


Decorators follow the rule of using odd numbers, like grouping 3 or 5 items together. This general rule not only creates interest, but looks more natural and is visually appealing to the eye.

  • my five items that I already had on hand are:
  • blue vase filled with white berry stems left over from my winter wreath
  • snowflake creamer given to me as part of a gift set
  • stack of sweater plates that were also a gift
  • silver deer which is actually from a salt and pepper shaker set
  • my free winter printable in a hand painted charcoal gray frame
winter tray decor idea showing a vase filled with white berries next to winter white dishes on a tray


Using decor of varying shapes, heights, and depths creates interest and moves your eye throughout the tray vignette. These differences make each decorative item stand out.

All of my items are at different heights. The snow white stems are the tallest on my decor tray, then the framed printable, graduating down to the snowflake creamer, plates, and then the lowest point being the deer.

Regarding shapes and depth, I’ve used rectangle, round and oblong shapes, and having my shorter items up front leads your eye to the larger winter decor in the back.


Different colors and textures should be used so the items don’t blend into each other. You want decor items to pop on your tray.

  • I used lots of texture for my tray vignette:
  • the tray is made of metal
  • bottom is lined with soft fabric
  • bumpy berry stems filling the ceramic vase
  • dimensional snowflake on the ceramic creamer
  • raised sweater texture on the plates
  • shiny silver deer
  • wood frame with glass
  • My colors are varied so that they pop visually:
  • white berry stems against the blue vase
  • white dishes in front of the blue vase
  • dark silver deer on top of the light gray fabric
  • dark charcoal gray frame makes the art print pop

The photo below is a slightly different version of my tray. I substituted a silver Christmas tree for the vase with berries and inserted floral picks in the ceramic creamer. I believe I like my first tray better.

winter tray decor ideas - a variety of home decor items are featured on this tray.


DINING ROOM: Use your winter tray as a centerpiece for your dining room table or place it on the sideboard or buffet table.

FAMILY ROOM: Place the tray vignette on your coffee table or an ottoman.

KITCHEN: Use your decorative tray as a centerpiece on the island or kitchen table, or as a vignette on your coffee bar.

FOYER: Place the tray on your entryway table.

BEDROOMS & BATHROOMS: Use on a dresser, side table, or bathroom vanity


  • candles
  • stack of books
  • vase or vessel
  • farmhouse bead strand
  • signs or framed printables
  • add greenery, flowers or floral picks
  • bring in nature (pinecones or twigs)
  • dishes that fit a theme (for coffee bar)
  • wine bottle and glasses (at the bar)
  • so many possibilities whether it’s a tray or tiered tray!

Hopefully, this was all helpful to you for learning how to decorate and style a decorative tray to make your own winter wonderland home decor!

graphic saying pin for later
Graphic for winter tray decor ideas - home decor items in blue, white, and gray are displayed on a tray

Sharing my winter wonderland tray at these fabulous blogs!


Many thanks to our hostess Katherine, from Katherine’s Corner, for corralling and coordinating so many bloggers at one time!

If you’re coming over from Meagan’s blog at Decorative Inspirations… thank you for dropping in!

If you’re following the tray tour in order, next on the winter wonderland tray tour is Laura at Everyday Edits.

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  1. Allyson, your tray is both charming and classic. Blue and white are one of my favorite color combinations. You gave some great ideas as to how to get started when decorating a tray. Glad to have met you on this blog hop. Merry Christmas!

  2. hi Allyson, your tray is so pretty, you’ve chosen perfect items to represent a winter feeling, with the snowflake pitcher, silver deer, the tree and winter berries…plus the cute framed quote and the neutral color palette, that’s winter on a tray! Happy December!

  3. I have enjoyed all the trays so far, and yours is no exception. Plus the tips for putting together a creative and beautiful tray are so helpful, thank you!

  4. Allyson, so nice to see you using blues in your tray. It is such a peaceful color that is much needed during this hectic season. The different elevations work really well. Have a great week.

  5. So pretty Allyson! I love your colors – both trays look great! And thanks for the decorating reminders. Sometimes I get so caught up in the creating part that I forget what would help it look better. 🙂 It’s nice touring with you. Hope you have a lovely holiday season!

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